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Luc Montagnier博士は、ワクチンを接種する医師達に警告

フランスのウイルス学者あり、ノーベル賞受賞者であるLuc Montagnier博士は、ワクチンを非難し、医師達が患者にワクチンを投与し続けるのであれば、人類の未来に責任を持つべきであると警告した。

Luc Montagnier博士の警告は、ミラノでワクチンパスポートに抵抗するための抗議デモが行われた際に、XXVアプリーレ広場で行われた。




This poor vaccine can’t work.

Because these vaccines were synthesized, created on the basis of a strategy which was a mistake.

A bad mistake. This strategy is a huge mistake.

This strategy has been nothing but promoting this product, which is a vaccine, a product of genetic transmission.

And so therefore nature and all the experimentation have showed that these vaccines did not protect against the contagion.

In contrast to what they announced at the beginning.


This is scientifically acknowledged by everyone, nowadays.

It is not only because of the clinical evidence, but also all the results, all the diseases that this vaccine has caused.

It often happens that, instead of preventing the disease from becoming more serious, the vaccines have had the opposite effect: they favor new infections.

Unfortunately they have more serious effects.

The spike protein, which is synthesized by the messenger RNA contained in the vaccine, is toxic to the cells.

It’s poison.

For instance, this protein affects organs such as the heart, and some young athletes died because of their vaccination.

It cannot be tolerated. Vaccines are not for killing, they are for shielding.

So it is a crime to administer this vaccine to children.

There are more serious effects than that.

These vaccines are likely to cause neurological diseases, very serious brain diseases.

There are already dozens of people who died because of these long term effects of the vaccination.

Sometimes the neurological signs already manifest themselves after the second booster shot.

And nobody can predict how many vaccinated people will suffer from these neurological syndromes, or not.

So therefore I am asking all my colleagues to stop vaccinating people with this vaccine.

The physicians who keep…

Ask him if he can answer some questions, after that.

Could you answer some questions?


The physicians who keep vaccinating people are absolutely aware of this.

If they weren’t before, they are now.

Beware, beware, they are responsible for the future of mankind.

They forgot about the cures, and they should not focus on prevention only.

And so there is not only the vaccine, there are medicines that work very well.

The medicines that haven’t been used are the antibiotics.


Luc Montagnier博士のルクセンブルク議会での講演


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