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・マスクと社会的距離は、子供の身体的、精神的、教育的、および心理社会的発育に有害である ・PCR検査は、コロナ感染の判定に不適切である ・無症状者(健康な人)に対する大量検査は、メリットよりデメリットの方が大きい

“The directors and teachers of the schools for children A, born on … and B, born on …, namely the state regular school X, Weimar, and the state primary school Y, Weimar, as well as the superiors of the school management are prohibited for these and to order or prescribe the following for all other children and pupils taught at these schools:

1. to wear face masks of all kinds in class and on the school premises, in particular mouth and nose covers, so-called qualified masks (surgical mask or FFP2 mask) or others,

2. to maintain minimum distances between each other or to other people that go beyond what was known before 2020,

3. to take part in rapid tests to determine the SARS-CoV-2 virus. “